i'm so glad you're here!

Heyyy!! My name is Britta (like the water filter haha)!!

This whole thing started with a dream (wayyy back in 4th grade). First, a dream to start a business. Then that eventually turned into a dream to be a wedding photographer. And this has been one of the most life-giving and fulfilling things I have ever done. Wedding days are not just my day on the job, but they are days I am so honored to be a part of! 

I believe photography is a gift from God. I strive to glorify the Lord and worship him with my art. He is the reason for what I do!

My mission is to serve you, celebrate you, and capture real moments that authentically reflect you.

Thanks for stopping by :) I cannot wait to get to know more about you!!

SOme fun facts about me!

- My favorite parts on wedding days are the first look, the ceremony, and when the late night coffee bar comes out (gotta love caffeine!)
- My dog, mountains, friends, and Instagram reels are some things that make me smile :)
- My favorite season is summer
- My favorite place I have visited are for sure Banff NP and the Grand Tetons (both spots have incredible hiking trails!!)
- I am a college student at Biola University. I am studying marketing and business management
- My favorite things to do in my free time are going on walks and hanging out with my family
- My current go-to coffee order is an iced honey cinnamon latte

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