What To Wear For Your Photo Session

This may be one of the most popular questions I get! Whether it’s for an engagement session or family session, knowing what to wear is an important part of the process. And I am going to share allll of my tips and suggestions with you!

Stick to the basics

In my handful of years in the photo industry, I can assure you that sticking with basic outfit ideas is the best. In other words, simplicity is key. Don’t overthink it! Remember, your photos are about wayyy more than the outfit you’re wearing. So keep this tip in mind as you read through the rest of this blog post!

Follow a color scheme

Color is critical for your photos! Making sure you follow a color palette will be helpful as you think through the clothes you want to wear. I suggest looking at photo sessions on Instagram or Pinterest to get an idea of what other people have done. Or Google color combinations based on the vibes you’re going for.

Not only is matching colors critical, but also matching the location of your photo session. Let me explain. If your photo session is at the beach, think beachy colors. Blues, whites, creams, etc. If your photo session is in a forest, think earthy tones. Greens, browns, etc. I think each couple represented in the photos of this blog post did this part really well! Hawaii, Joshua Tree, Malibu, and everywhere else in between brings a different color pallete.

Another tip I always tell my clients is to stick with simple colors and patterns. If your shirt is filled with words or a crazy pattern, it is distracting in photos! The same idea goes for crazy colors. Therefore, I always suggest sticking with more neutral colors. You simply can never go wrong with neutrals!

As always, feel free to ask questions! I am more than willing to help with outfits!

Have a fancy & casual option

This is more specific to engagement photos, but this can also be applied to other types of photo sessions. I always allow my couples to have multiple outfits. My suggestion is having 2 outfits, one casual outfit and one fancy outfit. This allows for variety!

For the casual outfit, I suggest the guy and gal wear jeans and a nice top. For the fancy outfit, I suggest the gal wear a dress and the guy wear khakis. In other words, think business casual!

Comfort is key

When you take your photos with me, I am going to make you MOVE! Therefore, I want you to be comfortable in what you’re wearing. Think about wearing something you can walk and sit comfortably in. This also includes wearing comfy shoes!

Another aspect of this is wearing something you feel yourself in. In other words, wear something that makes you feel GOOD about yourself. Confidence is important! What you are wearing plays a part in that!

Wear what YOU want to wear

At the end of the day, I want each and every one of my clients to wear what they WANT to wear. These are YOUR photos that express who YOU are! Of course, take my previous advice into consideration, but I truly want you to be yourself. Some of the best outfits I have seen are the times I told my couples to wear outfits that they love and feel like “scream them”.

For a closing thought, remember this is supposed to be FUN! Have fun choosing your outfits!

I hope these tips and tricks help you prepare for you photo session!